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Saturday, 06 June 2015 18:15

Is it safe to travel to Cuba?

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This is one of the first questions people from the U.S. will ask when they think about traveling to Cuba. When Cuba comes to mind many have an image of a sinister communist state where you can be detained for just looking at someone the wrong way. Well, that is not the case. The country and its people beckon tourists form the U.S. and will do to everything to make them feel at home. When the embargo is dropped visitors have more access to the country and be even more welcome.

Many Americans have a general fear of Latin America due to the way the region has been depicted in movies and by the media. They think Latin America is a place of constant turmoil, full of bandidos and revolution after revolution. Granted there are certain pockets of Mexico, Northern Central America (El Salvador and Honduras), Venezuela and Colombia which are dangerous, but Cuba is probably the safest country in Latin America for tourists. For example, if a tourist is robbed or assaulted in Cuba the person committing the crime is subject to a double jail sentence. So if robbery carries a five year term, a person caught perpetrating a a crime against a tourist will get ten years behind bars. Other countries in the region should follow this example to protect tourists.


Probably the biggest danger of traveling to Cuba in the past was when the U.S. Government found that you went there without special permission and imposed a fine. In theory only journalists, those on educational or humanitarian trips were granted permission to travel to Cuba. A lot of people skirted the law by traveling there through third countries like Mexico, Costa Rica or the Bahamas. Cuban immigration would not stamp U.S. Passports so people would not get caught. With the recent improvements in relations between the two countries, the U.S. Government has sort of turned a blind eye to this practice.

So travel through a third country is the BEST and easiest route.The embargo and all restrictions should be removed soon so traveling to Cuba will not be an issue.

However, the biggest danger facing you in Cuba is that you will fall in LOVE with the country and not want to return home after visiting.

Given the above you should have no reservations about visiting Cuba now or in the future. An incredible and adventure awaits you.


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