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If you plan to live in Cuba, it is in your best interest to understand the metric system.  Since you probably didn’t study this system when you were in school and it is almost never used in the U.S., you could become confused.

The conversion guide below will help you.

     To Convert:        To:                    Multiply by:

     Centigrade         Fahrenheit       1.8 then add 32

     Square km          Square miles    0.3861

     Square km          Acres                247.1

     Meters                Yards               1.094

     Meters                Feet                  3.281

     Liters                  Pints                 2.113

     Liters                  Gallons            0.2642

     Kilometers         Miles                0.6214

     Kilograms          Pounds            2.205

     Hectares             Acres                2.471

     Grams                Ounce              0.03527

     Centimeter         Inches               0.3937



Eastern Standard Time like the rest of the Caribbean and New York. From May to October there is Daylight Savings Time.



Current used in Cuba is 110 volts, the same as Canada and U.S. Plugs are American type with flat pins.  It is advisable to have a two-prong adapter plug.

Power cuts (apagones) occur often and can harm sensitive equipment like computers.

So, always use surge protectors with laptops and electronic devices. A small adapter may have to be used for some appliances such as razors or hairdryers.


Official Guide to
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Official Guide to Cuban Spanish

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