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The insurance market that exists in Cuba in 2016 is limited. Cuba is vulnerable to a potent mix of catastrophes, including hurricanes, storm surge and earthquakes and the state generally takes responsibility for any resulting property losses. But the Cuban government is limited in its financial ability to protrect against natural disasters or rebuild impacted communities after a significant event.

Cuba’s 11 million citizens have had little need to buy auto or property insurance because the Cuban government controls vehicle ownership, she said. “Cuban workers are restricted to one vehicle,” she said. “The Cuban real estate market has its own restrictions as well, and that has hampered the formation of a vibrant homeowners or renters insurance market.

The reopening of U.S. diplomatic relations with Cuba may in the future present intriguing commercial opportunities for U.S. businesses, including property/casualty insurers,

Two insurance companies are currently operating in in the country, organized under the banner of the Caudal Group, which is owned and operated by the state.

ASISTUR handles some types of insurance:

 Empresa de Seguros Nacionales (ESEN), which writes auto, liability and travel insurance, but draws 70 percent of its premiums from agricultural concerns. Avenida 5ta #306, Vedado, Tel: (32) 2508, Fax: (33) 8717. They also have medical insurance for foreign travelers. If you have your own vehicle, you may insure it through them.

Seguros Internacionales de Cuba, S.A. (ESICUBA), is Cuba’s largest insurance company. It is the provider of coverage to Cuban businesses like transportation and construction firms. ESICUBA also insures foreign-owned interests situated in Cuba, such as hotels and resorts. Calle Cuba 314, e/Obispo y Obrapia, Havana; Tel: (57) 3231, Fax: 33-8038 It also offers travellers' insurance (Seguro de Viajero) and other types of coverage except life. They also provide long-term health coverage for foreigners.

Agencia Internacional de Inspección y Ajuste de Averías y Servicios Conexos—INTERMAR S.A.: Obispo No 361 between Habana and Compostela, Havana, controls the inspection of goods and breakage, Lloyd's of London: Calle B # 310 between 13 and 15 in Vedado, Tel: 33-4663, Fax: 33-3837.


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