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Eventually, Cuban customs will have to be completely revamped to handle  the personal belongings and products foreign residents will bring with them. New tax schedules will also have to be set up for a variety of new items.

WARNING: When you arrive in Cuba, all of your luggage will be x-rayed. If the custom’s agents see that you have a lot of items, more than seems necessary for a short vacation, a buzzer will sound as you try to pass through the exit gates. You will be flagged aside for a second inspection where officials will question you.

Currently, visitors may bring their personal belongings some of which must be taken with them when they leave. Tourists may currently bring clothing, fishing equipment, photography equipment, a tape recorder, a radio, a personal computer, a bicycle, a surfboard and other sports gear, gifts up to a value of $250, medicines, toilet articles, 3 liters of any alcoholic beverages and up to one carton of cigarettes.

New items which do not fit into these categories may be subject to a 100 percent customs duty up to a maximum of $1000.  Most electronic goods are banned. Laptops have top be declared and must be taken out when you leave. The author does know a few foreigners who resident in Cuba permanently and know the “ins and outs” of items like televisions through cutoms for a small gratuity.

Items which are banned include, fire arms, ammunition, explosives, narcotics, pornography, global positioning systems, wireless microphones, wireless facsimile terminals, telephone switchboards and equipment, professional radio and TV receivers differing from household models, satellite receiver antennas and stations, electric ovens - of all types, models and capacities, including micro waves, electric bread toasters, electric showers - of all types, models and capacities, and any subversive material against the security of the country including some books.    Food in general will be admitted only when industrially elaborated, and hermetically sealed

For importing greater amounts contact a Cuban consulate.  We also suggest you contact a Cuban consulate about items which one cannot bring to Cuba and rules for carrying large amounts of cash.

For more specific information contact Cuban Customs or La Aduana, Calle 6, esquina 39, Plaza de la Revolución, Havana, Tel: 07/55-5466, Fax: 07/33-5222, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

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If you are thinking about moving to Cuba you will probably have to vist a Cuban embassy in your home country.

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