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Exploring and Living in Cuba

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              Most citizens of the United States and Canada feel comfortable living where they have always resided. Some are lucky enough to have invested in property and have good retirement programs, affordable health insurance, stocks, bonds or IRAs to ensure a good quality of life during their retirement years.

            Others may not have been as fortunate. They realize that they may have not planned well and may be a little short on money to maintain their present lifestyle. A simple solution is to try to lower their standard of living and be more frugal in their own country to compensate for poor financial planning and/or bad investments. They can downsize to a smaller home, move to a more affordable but less suitable area, give up their yearly vacations, fire the gardener and cut back on other areas of their life to just scrape by. But what if they could move to another country with the same amount of income and improve their lifestyle dramatically instead of reducing it?

         Living in the right country outside the United States can make all the difference in the world between just subsisting and maintaining the lifestyle to which you are accustomed. Cuba may offer a viable alternative.

         The idea of living overseas is not new. The huge number of Americans due to retire is staggering.  Currently almost 40 percent of the population of the United States is over 50. By 2020, half the U.S. population will be over 50. Most Americans ages 41 to 59 say they will move when they retire.

         Some move to Lain America to start over and seek adventure in an exotic land.  They are tired of dead-end jobs or the rat race and want new challenges, a chance to pursue their dreams and achieve greater personal growth. As a foreigner, you have the challenge of immersing yourself in a new culture and, if you choose, the rewards of learning a foreign language.

Now Cuba offers a new exciting frontier to be explored. The opportunities will be endless since the country has virtually lived in a time warp for more than a half century. Visionaries realize the moment is drawing near to act. The author is sure that he will be spending a lot more time there in the not too distant future. Let's hope for the best so all of us can take advantage of all this beautiful country will have to offer.


Official Guide to
Cuban Spanish

Official Guide to Cuban Spanish

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"I always keep this book on my tablet so that I can maneuver through Cuba’s linguistic maze."

Max Gómez, Cuba Scout, Travel Expert

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