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At one time or another, all of us have imagined leaving the rat race, saying to hell with everything and realizing our dreams by moving to a tropical paradise.

Whether you are of retirement age, a snowbird, a burned out baby boomer, a seasonal traveler, young entrepreneur, technological nomad or just sick of the hustle and bustle, this book should provide you with food for thought and sufficient information to start you on the journey to beginning a new life in Cuba someday.

Cuba will also appeal to people of all ages seeking to move to a new and exotic land outside the States and Canada, as well as anyone seeking an alternative way of life.

Those living below the poverty line in the United States may also find Cuba to their liking. Like most other countries in Latin America you should be able to live for less on a modest retirement or investment income in Cuba. Once Cuba and the U.S. normalize their banking service, it will be possible to use credit cards and possibly receive Social Security deposits as in other foreign countries.

 For over years Cuba has been isolated from the mainstream of the world while trying to live the socialist dream.  The world has changed and Cuba is about to follow suit.  Now is the moment to come and explore the country that has so much potential.  Whether you are someone interested in traveling, wintering, living part or full- time in Cuba or a savvy entrepreneur, this guidebook will help you for the day when it is possible.  It paints a realistic picture of living in any Latin American country, especially Cuba and tells you how to deal with the many unique challenges  that you will inevitably have to confront in a country that is slowely emerging from being frozen in the past.

Cuba is the most populous and largest island in the Caribbean. Located only 90 miles from the U.S. mainland, it is — sometimes called the "Pearl of the Caribbean" for its beauty— boasts unspoiled countryside, picturesque mountain villages, towering mountains, miles of vast spectacular landscapes, breathtaking terrain, hospitable people, a stunning architectural heritage, quaint colonial towns and a cosmopolitan city, Havana. The country has 2,000 miles of coastline with 200-odd unspoiled beaches-many with white sand, bays and inlets surrounded by the beautiful crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean all of which have always been the island's main attractions. 

A good healthcare system with well-trained doctors and a longevity rate comparable to most developed countries, are other reasons that make Cuba attractive.

One of the most compelling reasons for choosing Cuba is its tropical climate. If you move to there you won't have to put up with anymore freezing winters up north.

The country's subtropical climate, low cost of living for residents, an abundance of outdoor activities, towns and cities steeped in history and the friendly and fun-loving nature of the people, all contribute to its limitless appeal, making it a dream waiting to come true.

The rich flora of the countryside and the scent of tropical flowers always fill the air.  Singing tropical birds, butterflies and an abundance of exotic species serve to attract droves of nature lovers.  World-class scuba diving and sports fishing draw sportsman to the island.

The city of Havana is the heart of the country and the most impressive city in the Caribbean.  Before Castro it was always the closest place Americans would visit for every imaginable type of entertainment from cockfights to gambling.  Colonial Havana is a monument to sixteenth century architecture and contrasts with the newer part of the city.  The city of Trinidad is another colonial gem.  World-renowned resorts such as Varadero, Guardalavaca and Key Largo—to name a few— beckon the visitor and are easily accessible.

Eventually Cuba will offer something for every imaginable taste and lifestyle.  Trends Magazine once predicted that Cuba would someday become the baby boomer's retirement haven of the future.  An issue of the Miami Herald stated, "A mass new migration of retirees will start to settle abroad, lured by the low cost of living to stretch their shrinking pensions, reasonable health costs and warm weather.  Cuba will possibly be the hottest destination due to its proximity to the United States and the relative lack of industrialization."

Cuba should be ripe for entrepreneurs since its investment climate is bound to improve when the U.S. embargo goes away and the country opens up. Cuba’s 12 million people constitute the largest potential market in the region. Canadians and Europeans have invested in the country since investment rules were somewhat relaxed. The country's new investment law allows foreign businessmen to own businesses in conjunction with the Cuban government and Cubans to entrepreneurs and have their own businesses as cuentapropistas. Cuba is slowly leaving its past behind, is now ready to participate in the emerging global economy but still has a long way to go

The Cuban government is beginning realizes the time has come to participate in the new world economic order. The country is now ripe for the international investors who want to start new businesses within limitations.  Soon it will be time to get your foot in the door before the gold rush begins and hordes of entrepreneurs arrive.  There will be unprecedented investment opportunity awaiting you.  So, now is the moment for adventurous individuals to reap the tremendous opportunities which may await them in Cuba. 

The day is not too far away when you will probably be able to start a small business on a shoestring in Cuba. In the last 10 years a few of the reforms made to the Cuban economy create limited self-employment and encourage foreign banking and investment.

There’s only so much beautiful beach front and prime real estate left in the world. When you consider that almost every bit of coastline in the United States is becoming overcrowded and overpriced, Cuba just might be the solution.

A burgeoning global economy and the Internet communications revolution have created unlimited possibilities for doing business in Latin America and Cuba will have to eventually catch up. Trade pacts between the United States, Mexico, Central and South America are becoming a reality. These free-trade treaties promise to link all of the nations in the hemisphere in to one trading block.  There is little doubt that sooner or later Cuba will become part of this powerful trading block.

Additional advantages for foreign investors are: a highly educated, well-disciplined labor force, tremendous opportunities in tourism's untapped areas and an improving infrastructure.

Traditionally Cubans are hard working people. Just look at what they have accomplished in South Florida. Of all the Latin migrations to the U.S., Cubans have stood out above the crowd.

Non-U.S. Citizens have been enjoying this paradise for the last couple of decades.  It is now American’s turn with the recent improvement with U.S. and Cuban relations.  Soon you will be able to go to Cuba and start a new and exciting life and advantage of all of the wonders this beautiful country has to offer.

Conditions for investing and living in Cuba are destined to improve now that the window of opportunity is slowly opening.  Nobody can foresee the future with absolute certainty. Given the events of the last couple of years, the global economy, the direction the country is currently moving and Obama’s efforts, most of the predictions in this book are inevitable.  Cuba cannot afford to be left out of the mainstream of world progress.  The Chinese, Vietnamese and formerly communist European nations have realized this and are opening their markets to the world.  Now it's Cuba's turn to do the same. 


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Official Guide to Cuban Spanish

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