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Exploring and Living in Cuba

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Latin American / Caribbean Info

Puerto Rico Doctors and Dentists Healthcare - Dental Implants, Spine Surgery, Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

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Costa Rica Information

Christopher Howard has lived, worked and written many books about Costa Rica for more than 33 years. His love for Costa Rica is so great that he became a citizen, married a tico and has a wonderful son.

During this time, he has had the opportunity to gather a an enormous amount of information about living, investing and retiring in Costa Rica. He has first-hand knowledge and insight into all aspects of Costa Rica’s culture and its people. Because of his experience in living in Costa Rica, he is a frequent lecturer at numerous investment seminars that combine with his retirement tours.

Due to a multitude of requests from the readers of his guidebook books about retirement and relocation in Costa Rica, Christopher Howard began to offer relocation and retirement tours to Costa Rica starting in 1997.  Now, with the opening of Cuba, he has expanded his Live in Cuba website to include tours introducing people the possibility of living in Cuba.

Below are some sources of interest in his present country of residence, Costa Rica.  

Cuba used to be a big gambling center but now Costa Rica has taken over with local casinos and online wagering and gambling

 If you are thinking about vacationing in Costa Rica, Costa Rican Trails is an ICT approved travel agency.

 Take a canopy tour in Costa Rica with Canopy San Lorenzo Tours and zipline through the treetops! 

Costa Rica English Online Newspaper -

 Costa Rica dentist specializing in dental implants, dental crowns and full mouth reconstruction.    Dr. Simon Flikier specializes in esthetic and oral rehabilitation in Costa Rica - the leading cosmetic and restorative dental clinic in Central America.

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Ibogaine Treatment Center in Costa Rica for Drugs, Alcohol, Opiates and Heroin  The I Begin Again ibogaine treatment center has been recognized as THE FIRST clinic to offer both full medical supervision and a supportive and relaxing setting for the recovery of drug and alcohol addiction. 


Official Guide to
Cuban Spanish

Official Guide to Cuban Spanish

For those who want to communicate with the locals and to develop basic Spanish survival skills, purchase our one-of-a-kind eBook which includes Cuban slang in English


"I always keep this book on my tablet so that I can maneuver through Cuba’s linguistic maze."

Max Gómez, Cuba Scout, Travel Expert

Medal Award

Not ready to relocate to Cuba yet,
then check out 
Costa Rica Latin America’s #1
retirement haven


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